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Aligning your company’s value proposition as closely as possible to your customers’ real expectations is the key to competitive advantage and profitability.
Psychmentation™ was developed by psychologist Steve Courmanopoulos. His clinical experience and 20-plus years as a corporate executive provided the unique blend of expertise that led to the discovery of the principles behind Psychmentation™.
The philosophy, implementation and results of Psychmentation™ can change the way you see your company, your clients, your competition ... your world.
“We thought we knew how to conduct market research, but Psychmentation fundamentally changed the way we view the nature of customer information.” –  President, global hospital products leader
We've been in business intelligence since 1970 and have worked with both public and private-sector organizations. Public institutions include government, hospitals, and even not-for-profit organizations seeking to maximize their effectiveness. Our business clients range from pharmaceuticals and biotech to large global players in transportation and telecom.
Welcome to the Psychmentation case study portfolio. Here you can read some of our most recent projects and solutions to find out how we help companies tackle their most pressing business challenges.
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